The Most Beautiful Equation

Today I would like to reflect on my love for mathematics with asking the question: What is the most beautiful equation?

I was given my answer by my 9th grade physics teacher who said that Euler’s Identity is the most beautiful equation. Euler’s Identity is:



Notice how the equation uses 5 of the most important numbers in math and combines them into a nice clean equation. When he spoke to us about the idea of the most beautiful equation it was a weird concept to grasp. But Euler’s equation perfectly represented what I thought the most beautiful equation would look like.

The main use of Euler’s identity is to solve differential equations. It is also used to express trigonometric functions in exponential form.

I have attached a link that shows some of the other “most beautiful equations” in the link below. Which do you think is the most beautiful equation.



4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Equation

  1. Absolutely agreed, beautiful in both form and function. Bridges the gap between the trigonometric and the exponential world, thus allowing the crucial conversion between polar and rectangular components. And where would we be without compound interest or exponential growth/decay?


  2. Euler’s equation is one of the most important equation we used in differential equation, but my favorite equation is the one that we can apply and see in real life is F=ma.


  3. Euler was definitely a genius in his day and there are many other individuals who contributed to Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. Two of my favorites are James Maxwell and Michael Faraday even though they were more Physicist. .


  4. Euler identity is an amazing equation. I have used that equation to solve differential equations, and also briefly used it in trigonometry. It is one of the most unique identity that is flexible and allows people to solve complicated function and determine its respective exponential growth.


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