Stress Relief

BITCHEDStress is a common part of life. And a healthy amount of stress is actually very important. It allows one to be able to complete their tasks. The problem with stress is that it can build quickly and does not seem to stop. In order to combat stress you must be able to learn how to relax. In my experience the best way to relieve stress is to walk away from all the work you have to do for a limited time and do something fun. Whether it’s a walk, puzzle, Netflix, or my personal favorite a video game(Most likely Final Fantasy).

After walking away from the work I recommend making a list of the easiest work you have to do to the toughest. It may not seem apparent but doing the toughest work first will make you feel too overwhelmed to do even the simplest task in some respect. So get the work you can get done first and leave the toughest material for last.

In the case of a limited amount of time to get a project a done the night before it’s due, stress might actually be the ideal thing you need to get it done in time. If you end up in that situation(we all have), Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “Stress Relief

  1. this is exactly what I do. first thing i do are my blogs helps sets a tone and it feels good to already have something crossed off my to do list. i have like 4 different apps on my phone and tablet just for distraction


  2. I definitely use video games and TV to relieve stress and while I know that isn’t the best way to get through tough times I find that it really relaxes me to “escape” into a game or show.


  3. My stress relief is binge watching tv shows like breaking bad, or the walking dead and playing some PS4. I also told myself to start watching Game of thrones when I get the chance because I’m way behind.


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