Drifting Hot Wheels

maxresdefaultFor my recent fluids project I experimented with Hot Wheels cars to try and determine the drag coefficient. In my research for the project I stumbled upon an awesome discovery. Someone created a way to drift Hot Wheels cars by creating a low friction surface that will allow the car to keep its momentum.

The low friction surface allows for the car to be to slide with its wheels instead of allowing them to roll. A bit of engineering needs occur to effectively use the surface. The car needs to be angled correctly so that the car slides at a perfect angle capable of sliding.

It is amazing and I think I will be able to construct a track for my Hot Wheels to drift over the summer. I think I’ll experiment with the different materials to recreate a drift pad. He used to sell the drift pad but I do not know if he does that anymore. He also has a channel with set up videos that I will link below if you want to try it for yourself.

Drifting Cars

Phil Foss



4 thoughts on “Drifting Hot Wheels

  1. I remember playing a game on PS1 called hotweels it was similar to the cars in the picture but that was a longtime ago. Life got in the way and i barely have time to have fun like before. But it looks cool man!


  2. I still have a box full of hotwheels in my basement, I used to love those when I was younger. This is a really cool application of what we’ve learned in this class. Enjoy the rest of your summer


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