The reason for this shortened blog is because I am currently late to firefly(I’m currently on the road). Firefly is a major music festival that occurs in Woodlands in Delaware. Because of Firefly, this past weekend was effectively hell because I had to do all my work for the next week because of my surprise ticket to Firefly from my parents for my birthday.I even get to celebrate my birthday there. I not only finished my fluids project but all my Hw for the next week and studied a bit for my final. I cannot stress how much  i needed this break. I can’t go to crazy though, i have my fluids final the next week. Wish me luck.



9 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. I feel your pain I’m currently trying to get everything done between today and tomorrow hopefully I could get most of it done. but if you got your project and hw done then don’t worry about it you deserve it. have fun


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