And The Summer Begins…


Today, I took my final for my Fluid Mechanics class and it feels so good to be finished. Exams are my favorite way to test my ability in a subject. However, after taking Machine Theory the previous semester I’d actually like to get “hands-on” in my learning and actually design a fluid system just like I had to design and build a can crusher for Machine Theory. Having to design a fluid system for a final would have been pretty cool to do. Although I would not know where to start, I know the first assumption to make would be a fully developed flow. For the most part I am just happy to have a break after the past two years of non-stop school. I can actually enjoy the rest of my summer and not have to worry about deadlines for the rest of the summer. I don’t know what I’ll do with my time, but my Senior Design project is definitely going to be a huge part. I’d actually like to get some time to work on my music, or get to the long list of video games I haven’t started. My main goal though, is to be at least competent at MatLab before the summer is over.

Happy Belated Summer Solstice Everyone!!


Rubik’s Cube and Math


The Rubik’s cube is one of my favorite toys of all time. However as a kid I was naive to think that the cube was just a random puzzle. At one point the cube was advertised as having three billion combinations but only one solution. The cube actually has about 43 quintillion different positions that can occur solely by turning the cube. The amount of solutions is actually difficult to calculate due to the huge number of permutations. The way that solutions are regarded for the cube is by the number of moves to solve the cube. Currently the “God’s Number” solution, sets that the limited number of moves needed to solve any Rubik’s cube at 20 moves.

My favorite part about the Rubik’s cube however is Speed cubing. Speed cubing is essentially solving a Rubik’s cube at the fastest speed you can under certain constraints. These constraints include either using the standard solution explicitly, an average of five solves , or a single solve. The most entertaining speed cubing to watch is the single solve. This speed cube contest allows the contestant to observe the cube, after being arranged in a specific way by a set algorithm, for a limited time and the is allowed to solve. The current fastest single solve is set at 4.73s by Feliks Zemdegs from Austrailia, which happened during 2016.



The reason for this shortened blog is because I am currently late to firefly(I’m currently on the road). Firefly is a major music festival that occurs in Woodlands in Delaware. Because of Firefly, this past weekend was effectively hell because I had to do all my work for the next week because of my surprise ticket to Firefly from my parents for my birthday.I even get to celebrate my birthday there. I not only finished my fluids project but all my Hw for the next week and studied a bit for my final. I cannot stress how much  i needed this break. I can’t go to crazy though, i have my fluids final the next week. Wish me luck.


Drifting Hot Wheels

maxresdefaultFor my recent fluids project I experimented with Hot Wheels cars to try and determine the drag coefficient. In my research for the project I stumbled upon an awesome discovery. Someone created a way to drift Hot Wheels cars by creating a low friction surface that will allow the car to keep its momentum.

The low friction surface allows for the car to be to slide with its wheels instead of allowing them to roll. A bit of engineering needs occur to effectively use the surface. The car needs to be angled correctly so that the car slides at a perfect angle capable of sliding.

It is amazing and I think I will be able to construct a track for my Hot Wheels to drift over the summer. I think I’ll experiment with the different materials to recreate a drift pad. He used to sell the drift pad but I do not know if he does that anymore. He also has a channel with set up videos that I will link below if you want to try it for yourself.

Drifting Cars

Phil Foss


Stress Relief

BITCHEDStress is a common part of life. And a healthy amount of stress is actually very important. It allows one to be able to complete their tasks. The problem with stress is that it can build quickly and does not seem to stop. In order to combat stress you must be able to learn how to relax. In my experience the best way to relieve stress is to walk away from all the work you have to do for a limited time and do something fun. Whether it’s a walk, puzzle, Netflix, or my personal favorite a video game(Most likely Final Fantasy).

After walking away from the work I recommend making a list of the easiest work you have to do to the toughest. It may not seem apparent but doing the toughest work first will make you feel too overwhelmed to do even the simplest task in some respect. So get the work you can get done first and leave the toughest material for last.

In the case of a limited amount of time to get a project a done the night before it’s due, stress might actually be the ideal thing you need to get it done in time. If you end up in that situation(we all have), Good Luck!

All Night Study Sessions

Studying-at-late-nights 2

One of my favorite stories is about how Temple University chose their mascot. In the past Temple was a night school. This allowed students to work during the day and finish their studies at night. Because of this the students were nicknamed “Night Owls.” The name stuck and Temple was the first school to adopt the Owl as their mascot. I have always loved this story because I consider myself to be a night owl because I feel more effective working at night and have trouble sleeping (I’m actually writing this blog at like 2 a.m.).

My sleeping troubles turned out to be an asset because the past 7 years I’ve been pulling all nighters to be able to finish my work or study for a major exam (usually because I always end up leaving work for the last minute or I’m just too “busy” during the day). Over the years, I perfected my all night sessions.

These are all my techniques i use to have an effective all night study session(Obviously proven for me, but may not be applicable to everyone):

  1. Have a realistic list of work that you want to get done.List major chapters of an exam or outline the essay you have to write before starting. If it is a project that will take you a week, I’d recommend just sleeping.
  2. Sip your energy drink or coffee, don’t chug. It’s not that sipping is more effective than chugging, it’s the fact that if you chug an energy drink you are more likely to crash.
  3. Have food the whole time. I recommend Pizza or any type of carb because the brain relies on glucose to operate effectively.
  4. Feeling Sluggish? Try a caffeinated nap. Set an alarm for 20 minutes and drink some coffee before a nap. Caffeine takes 20 minutes to dissolve in your body so when you wake up it will make you feel refreshed. This actually takes time to master. I find it to be the most effective when I use the 4-7-8 breathing technique to fall asleep quickly.
  5. Don’t believe in the Caffeinated Nap? If you have more time to spare but you’re still set on that all nighter set your alarm for 90 minutes and nap. Sleep cycles, on average, last about 90 minutes, so if you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle you’ll feel more refreshed.
  6. Avoid distractions. I personally like to turn off notifications on my phone. If you can get your work done quickly you can reward yourself with some sleep.
  7. Vivacious Beats. Upbeat music helps you stay up. I recommend instrumentals however as lyrics can get distracting.
  8. Try to plan for some sleep. It’s not gonna be great if you learn all the material for your test but you can’t concentrate the next day because of lack of sleep.

The Most Beautiful Equation

Today I would like to reflect on my love for mathematics with asking the question: What is the most beautiful equation?

I was given my answer by my 9th grade physics teacher who said that Euler’s Identity is the most beautiful equation. Euler’s Identity is:



Notice how the equation uses 5 of the most important numbers in math and combines them into a nice clean equation. When he spoke to us about the idea of the most beautiful equation it was a weird concept to grasp. But Euler’s equation perfectly represented what I thought the most beautiful equation would look like.

The main use of Euler’s identity is to solve differential equations. It is also used to express trigonometric functions in exponential form.

I have attached a link that shows some of the other “most beautiful equations” in the link below. Which do you think is the most beautiful equation.